Know The Facts About Oral Piercings

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Body piercings are a common form of self-expression seen around Salt Lake City. At Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS we encourage our patients to enhance their smiles in the healthiest way. Today’s post is for those who currently have an oral piercing or are considering one. Unfortunately, these piercings and the jewelry they use…

Beating Horrible Halitosis

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The team at Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS, would like to share with you some insights about halitosis. Halitosis, or bad breath, can be embarrassing when it happens. Poor oral hygiene is often the cause. Make sure you schedule your preventive visits and teeth cleaning with us twice a year. Brushing just the…

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Saliva

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At Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS, we encourage our patients to come in twice a year for a dental examination and cleaning.  We also encourage our patients to be knowledgeable about oral health issues. Let’s discuss saliva. This typically yucky substance is, in reality, a finely balance body fluid that not only maintains…

Change Your Life In 4 Steps

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Everyone needs healthy teeth that work as nature intended for a high quality of life and overall good  health. If you have dentures, you know how important healthy teeth are. At Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS, we can help with any denture issues you might be having. Dentures are obviously preferable to a…

How Tooth Brushing Prevents Gum Disease

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The team at Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS represents the best-quality dental care in the Salt Lake Valley. Let’s discuss why  everyone should brush at least twice a day. Brushing and flossing is the best way to prevent tooth decay. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste and carefully flossing removes the food from teeth and prevents…

4 Reasons To Make Sure Your Child Sees A Dentist

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The American Dental Association recommends that a child’s first visit to a dentist should be when their first tooth appears or before their 1st birthday, whichever is first. The team at Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS agrees with that recommendation. Serving the Murray, Salt Lake City and Sandy Utah area, we represent the best-quality…

Your Unique Smile – Only Better!

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Everyone has their own way of smiling. When it comes to flashing those pearly whites, whether it’s a quick grin or a full smile, your smile makes you unique. But if your teeth have become stained or crooked over the years – maybe you’re not smiling as much lately. Salt Lake Dental Care in Murray…

Why Aren’t You Smiling?

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We all notice smiles.  Some would even say that smiles have superpowers. There may be a good reason you’re not smiling – but being nervous about your teeth shouldn’t be one of them. Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS can help you with cosmetic dentistry or adult orthodontics so you can flash your…