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4 Oral Cancer Facts From Your Dentist in Murray

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At Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS we urge patients to come in at least twice a year for a dental examination and cleaning.  Sometimes patients skip these dental checkups because they believe that they don’t have any cavities, however, your dentist in Murray isn’t just checking for cavities. Our staff is also checking for signs of oral cancer during your dental visit.

Dental Checkups Are Not Just About Cavities

In the last few decades, lung and breast cancer have drawn a lot of public attention. There is relatively less awareness of oral cancer even though it claims almost 10,000 lives every year in the United States.

At Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS, we work to raise awareness about oral cancer and the importance of early diagnosis. Courtesy of the CDC, Oral Cancer Foundation, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, here are 4 vital things you should know about oral and oropharyngeal cancers.

1. About 80% of individuals with oral cancer use some type of tobacco (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes).

2. 40% of men and women who receive a late-stage diagnosis of oral cancer die within five years. The survival rate for early stage diagnosis is 90%.

3. In many cases, it is practically impossible for the individual to detect oral and oropharyngeal cancers because they can produce inconspicuous symptoms or no symptoms at all. Any abnormality in the mouth or throat, even if small and painless, should be analyzed by a dentist or doctor.

4. If you have tested positive for HPV, you have a higher risk of developing oral cancer. HPV, the most common sexually transmitted disease in the US, is the most common cause of oropharyngeal cancer. Of the numerous strains of HPV, HPV16 is the one most often linked to oropharyngeal cancer.

Along with Cancer Screenings, your dentist in Murray provides Cosmetic and Sedation Dentistry Services. For more information about our six month smiles, call our office today!

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Tooth Sensitivity Treatment in Murray

Dental Emergency Treatment In Salt Lake City Have you ever been eating an ice cream cone in Murray when you felt a sudden jolt of pain in one of your teeth? If the enamel is eroded, or the gums have receded, the dentin layer of the tooth is exposed. The substances that cause tooth pain travel to the pulp where the nerves of the tooth are located. Ouch!

Tooth sensitivity can be a signal that something is wrong. It may be caused by periodontal disease or bacteria build-up in a crack in a tooth, which may need a dental crowns to prevent further pain.

Enamel erosion can be caused by a number of factors including acidic foods and drinks, teeth grinding, or cracked teeth. If your teeth are sensitive following a professional teeth whitening such as the ones we do here at Salt Lake Dental Care, the sensitivity will probably be gone in a few weeks.

Surprisingly, one cause of gum recession for our Murray patients is brushing too hard. That’s right; it is possible to brush too hard!

If you experience constant or intermittent pain in your teeth or gums, call 801-938-8855 right away to make an appointment. Clint Blackwood takes tooth pain seriously.

At Salt Lake Dental Care in Murray, we not only treat tooth sensitivity problems, we also perform entire smile makeovers for cosmetic dentistry patients in the Murray UT and Salt Lake City areas. You’ll find us in the 84107 zip code area.

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Tooth Knocked Out? Call Salt Lake Dental Care ASAP!

Call Your Salt Lake City Dentist With Any Dental Emergency

It may sound like a catastrophe to many Salt Lake City area dental patients, but having a tooth knocked out doesn’t always mean you’ll need cosmetic dentistry to fix your smile. If you can keep a cool head and remember a few simple instructions, chances are your tooth can be salvaged.

The most important things for Murray UT residents to do if they’ve had a tooth knocked out is to find the tooth, handle it carefully and keep it in the best condition possible so their Salt Lake City dentist can reinsert it properly.

Do not handle the tooth by the root, be careful to only touch the crown. It’s okay to gently rinse the tooth in water, but don’t scrub it or remove any tissue fragments from the tooth.

If it is possible, the best place for the tooth to be held is back in the socket (placed there gently, of course). Holding the tooth between the lip and gum or under the tongue is good too, just be careful not to swallow. If neither of these is an option, place the tooth in a cup of milk.

Next, you’ll want to get to your Murray UT, Salt Lake City, or Sandy dentist as soon as possible. Most teeth that can be reinserted by a dentist within an hour can be saved.

I’m Dr. Clint Blackwood a cosmetic and general dentist in Murray. If you are looking for quality dental care in the Murray UT, Salt Lake City, or Sandy area, I hope you’ll give us a call at 801-938-8855. We offer dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, complete smile makeovers, and dentures.

Call us at 801-938-8855 immediately if you have a dental emergency such as the one discussed above.

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