Sedation Dentistry FAQs

What is sedation dentistry?
Sedation dentistry is the term used for treatments that help patients who suffer from dental phobia feel more relaxed during their visits. It is not anesthesia, which is used to numb pain. Sedation dentistry is administering medicine to help you feel more relaxed and less anxious, helping your dental phobia diminish.

What dental sedation methods do you offer?
We offer three very safe dental sedation methods in Murray, UT: laughing gas, oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. All three of these sedation dentistry methods are effective. We will partner with you to help you decide which dental sedation treatment is right for you to help you conquer your dental phobia.

What are the advantages of sedation dentistry?
Dental sedation’s primary goal is to help you feel more comfortable. There are other advantages, too. Many of our patients have reported that they feel less pain during their procedures because they are so relaxed. Oftentimes, Dr. Blackwood can perform more than one procedure during your visit for residents of Salt Lake City, from West Jordan to Sandy, Utah. This saves you time!

Will dental sedation make me fall asleep?
Dental sedation’s goal is not to make you fall asleep, though you may feel slightly drowsy. The main goal of dental sedation is to help you get the dental care you need while alleviating dental phobia and anxiety.

How does laughing gas work?
This gas is a time-tested sedation dentistry treatment. It is mixed with oxygen that you breathe in through a tube. Laughing gas is fast acting and quick to leave your system, so you can drive to and from your appointment.

How does oral conscious sedation work?
We will give you a pill, which you will take right before coming to your next appointment. This medication can make you feel very relaxed. You will need to get transportation to and from your appointment.

How does IV sedation work?
IV sedation is medicine that is administered through an IV tube. This sedation dentistry method is very helpful when you are dealing with dental phobia. IV sedation helps you relax. You will need to have transportation to leave our Murray, UT office.

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