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Every health-conscious parent in Salt Lake City knows that sugar is the number one cause of cavities. And cavities are a central concern of family dentistry.

The jury is still out on whether sugar has much nutritional value. But there is little doubt that sugar is a villain when it comes to tooth decay.

Because of cavity risks and high calorie content, many parents want to limit the sugar in their children’s diets. Obviously, there is a lot of sugar in a vast array of readily-available sweets, like bubble gum, lollipops, and gummy candy. But there is also hidden sugar a lot of processed foods.

The following snacks may have more sugar than you think:

  • yogurt (and yogurt-covered raisins)
  • fruit snacks including the roll-up and syrup-filled varieties
  • rice cakes
  • juice drinks
  • flavored milk
  • barbecue sauce
  • fruit smoothies
  • cereal bars

Controlling sugar intake in your child’s diet is essential for lifelong oral health. When choosing lunchbox or after-school snacks, read the labels. Sugar content varies among brands.

Sugar is not the only thing to watch out for. If your child’s diet is lacking key vitamins and minerals, the tissues in their mouth may have trouble fighting infection. These infections can lead to gum disease.

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