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Our team at Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS is committed to educating you on the many ways that you can maintain optimal oral health. It’s one reason we consider ourselves your top choice for general and cosmetic dentistry in the Murray, Utah area.

This post offers some answers to some common questions about bad breath.

Q. My wife says my breath is terrible, but I brush twice a day. Shouldn’t that be enough?

A. Bacteria can increase and stink in hidden crevices that can only be reached with floss. Time to start flossing. If your breath hasn’t improved in a few months, make an appointment so we can discuss other possible causes of your halitosis.

Also keep in mind that brushing just the teeth may not remove food particles between the teeth and up in the gums. Gently brushing the gums, sides of the mouth and the tongue in addition to the teeth may make the difference.

Q. My breath seems to get worse during hay fever season. What’s up with that?

A. Allergies can change mouth odor in a couple of ways. First, anything that stimulates post-nasal drip can be a trigger because bacteria at the back of the throat mixes with the mucous and gives off a smelly odor as it breaks down. Second, hay fever medications often cause dry mouth which can cause stinky breath. Antihistamines can diminish post-nasal drip so this is a catch-22. If you take antihistamines, drink water frequently throughout the day to keep your mouth hydrated, suck on sugar-free mints to stimulate saliva production and rinse with a non-alcohol mouth rinse.

Q. What health conditions can cause bad breath?

A. As discussed before, any condition that lessens saliva creation can cause halitosis. It is also a frequent side effect of diabetes, kidney failure, and liver failure. Of course, if your kidneys or liver is failing, you have bigger problems.

Q. Why did my breath become dreadful when I went on a strict low-carb diet?

A. Ketones were most likely the culprit. Ketones are generated when the body digests fat—which is usually the goal of a low-carb plan. On the flip side, sounds like you weren’t cheating!

We hope this q&a provided some answers to common questions. Don’t you think it’s time to secure yourself a consultation with a high-quality dental practice? We will examine your teeth and also answer questions about how to improve your oral hygiene in Murray. We offer a wide array of services, such as general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, and dental implants. That’s just one reason we have been a trusted dental option in the Murray, Utah area since 2005. Please call us today for an appointment. We would be honored to take care of all your dental needs.

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