6 Ways To Improve Your Smile In Sandy

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Who would say no to a prettier smile? I am guessing no one, and now with all of the amazing cosmetic dentistry procedures available from Salt Lake City, Taylorsville, and Draper cosmetic dentists, most dental patients can get the smile they want. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular treatments. 1.…

7 Ways To Fix A Tooth

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In a perfect world, each of your prized teeth would stay healthy, strong, and brilliantly white throughout your life. The truth is, however, that most Utah men and women will need to restore a tooth at some point. A tooth can be compromised by dental caries, enamel erosion, a chip or crack, gum disease, or…

Less Is More In Dentistry

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There are compelling new developments in Utah dentistry: stronger, natural-looking materials; improved techniques; more effective diagnostic methods; and more precise instruments. Combine these with the experience and expertise of Dr. Clint Blackwood and you’re left with less of what used to make people dread going to the dentist.

3 Behind-The-Scenes Dental Advances For Utah

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Draper dental patients who have undergone a smile redesign are probably aware of the latest cosmetic dental procedures popular in the Salt Lake City area. These include metal-free fillings, porcelain veneers, invisible braces, implant-anchored dentures, and inlays/onlays.

Let Us Ease Your Dental Anxiety In Murray, Utah

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Are you worried about seeing the dentist? Are you distressed about discussing your smile? Settling into the reality of what you are prepared to discuss with your dentist is the first step to relief. 1. Talk To Us: Whether you want to have sedation dentistry or teeth whitening done, call now to schedule a consultation. If…