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Do You Grind Your Teeth While You Sleep?

Murray dentist

Here is the Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS guide to treating teeth grinding.

Most teeth grinding will occur while sleeping. Consistent teeth grinding might be suspected with a sore jaw and dull headache in the mornings. Anxiety or stress are not the only reasons grinding may appear. It can also be related to an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth.

Visit Your Murray Dentist
Bruxism is a medical term used for grinding teeth. Bruxism can be identified by Dr. Clint Blackwood through an oral examination of jaw tenderness and abnormalities in the teeth. Discuss a possible nightguard for teeth grinding.

Get Control
When tooth grinding occurs, the fear is resulting oral damage and pain. Here at Salt Lake Dental Care – Clint Blackwood DDS we support oral health in many ways. Here are three things that may help:

  1. Control caffeine or alcohol intake as these may increase tooth grinding. 
  2. Avoid gum and prohibit pen or pencil chewing. This benefits the jaw as it keeps the jaw from clenching repeatedly. 
  3. Allow the jaw to relax; sometimes just setting your tongue between your teeth will help your jaw relax.

Every individual in our community from Salt Lake City to Murray deserves a good night’s sleep as well as a pain-free, headache-free morning.

It’s no problem to come down to our office at 279 E 5900 S Ste 202, Murray, Utah 84107 and consult with Dr. Blackwood about this or any other dental concern. Call 801-938-8855 today to schedule an appointment.

We are dedicated to healthy, happy family dentistry patients. A beautiful, confident smile allows full, honest interaction with others. Don’t live with pain. Consider the benefits of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or dental implants. Ask about sedation dentistry, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth removal, porcelain veneers, or Invisalign clear braces. Your needs are important to us.

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Dental Confidence Or Caution In Utah?

Draper cosmetic dental and tooth implants

Whether you are one of the Murray folks who goes willingly for your check-up, or if you are hesitant about getting dental work done, Salt Lake Dental Care has opened its doors to smiling patients since 2005. We give straightforward answers about the cost of dental implants, the price for a crown, and the average cost of veneers for patients throughout Taylorsville, nearby Sandy or even Draper.

The cost of cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to be an unknown. A suitable consultation can bring you up to date about possible procedures and shed light on the pros and cons of general dentistry, our specialty.


Not only do we offer wisdom teeth removal, we’ll schedule patients for sedation dentistry because we want to make a difference in the lives of our Murray neighbors. We’ll have you open wide for Invisalign because we know we’re superior at what we do for Salt Lake City smiles.

We’ll get you in a comfortable seat before you enjoy placement of porcelain veneers because comfort is the key to happy patients. And of course, we offer teeth whitening as well. Your enjoyment of any of these is entirely up to us. We make it our business. Interested in an outstanding experience? Dr. Clint Blackwood encourages thrill seekers and cautious patients alike to visit us at our 279 E 5900 S Ste 202 office or to look us up on the web:

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Advanced Dentistry in Murray

Advanced Dentistry in Murray The world of dentistry continues to advance at a rapid pace. If you have visited a Murray dentist in the past few years, you have probably noticed the things that make your visit more comfortable, such as the ability to watch TV or listen to music while receiving treatment. Many Salt Lake City dentistry patients welcome oral conscious sedation to reduce or eliminate pain.

What may not be as obvious are the advances in techniques, tools, and materials. Top Murray dentists now use digital computer imaging, which is safer than traditional x-rays. Dental technicians can store, retrieve, and transmit digital images much easier than was possible with traditional x-ray film.

The use of lasers has also changed the face of dentistry. Laser surgery requires less anesthesia, minimizes swelling, and protects surrounding tissue. Salt Lake City family dentists use lasers for detecting and treating cavities, and dental technicians use them for the curing of restorative materials.

Another exciting development in cosmetic dentistry is the CAD-CAM technology that allows Draper cosmetic dentists to perform restorations in a single visit. The types of procedures that can be completed in one visit include crowns, fillings, inlays, onlays and veneers.

If you need a thorough exam or want to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, call Salt Lake Dental Care at 801-938-8855 to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, you can see before and after photos of some of our smile makeover clients. We would love to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted, and we have the tools, experience, and technology to make that happen.

-Clint Blackwood


Murray Tooth Restoration: Dental Implants And Dental Bridges

dental implants Salt Lake CityWhen my Murray patients ask me about tooth restoration, I usually tell them about fixed (or ‘traditional’) dental bridges or tooth implants. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth which replaces a missing tooth. The false tooth (called a ‘pontic’) is fused to porcelain crowns on either side of the missing tooth.

Tooth replacement has been a highly requested procedure at my Murray dental practice. Patients from the Taylorsville area and Draper area have expressed concern about tooth replacement for many years. Most of my questions in the Salt Lake City area have to do with the strength and durability of the tooth replacement.

Dental implants are also popular in Salt Lake City. A dental implant consists of a titanium post surgically inserted into the jaw bone to replace the root of the missing tooth. The post integrates with the bone to provide a stable foundation for the replacement tooth.

After the post has bonded with the bone (it usually takes three to six months), a smaller post is attached which extends above the gum line. The artificial tooth (crown) is then attached. The entire process takes several months, but consistently yields terrific results for Murray tooth restoration patients.

Both Utah smile restoration options preserve or restore facial contour and allow you to talk and eat normally. Tooth replacements prevent adjoining teeth from gradually shifting and can help correct bite problems, too.

Tooth implants and dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth. Many Salt Lake City area dental patients have been treated successfully with these tooth restoration alternatives.

Call Salt Lake Dental Care and ask to schedule an evaluation for Utah tooth restoration with Dr. Clint Blackwood. You can schedule your tooth restoration by calling us at 801-938-8855.

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