Do You Love Your Smile?

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Salt Lake City Cosmetic Dentistry

The Sandy people who are most happy with their smiles have healthy, straight teeth that sparkle when they laugh. If nature didn’t bless you with attractive teeth, you are not alone. Most perfect smiles you come across in Draper were not always that way. They are the result of cosmetic dentistry performed by an experienced…

Developing Good Dental Habits In Murray UT

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Good Dental Habit Tips From Your Salt Lake City Cosmetic Dentist

Benjamin Franklin once said:   It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them. This holds true for almost everything in life, including cosmetic dental care. For parents in the Murray area, teaching your children good oral hygiene techniques early in life will help them avoid the lifelong consequences. If you wait too…

Do Whitestrips Work?

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Professional Tooth Whitening Near Sandy Utah

If you have visited the toothpaste aisle at your Murray Wal-Mart, you have probably noticed dozens of products that claim to whiten your teeth. A few years ago, the only over-the-counter tooth whitening options in Salt Lake City were whitening toothpastes and Crest Whitestrips. Now there is a wide variety of products at every drugstore…

Cosmetic Dental Solutions in Murray

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Cosmetic Dental Solutions Near Sandy Utah

Murray cosmetic dentists use dental crowns to solve a number of dental dilemmas. Dental crowns are strong, natural-looking permanent tooth restorations that cover the top of damaged teeth. Salt Lake City family dentists recommend crowns to remedy the following problems: A broken tooth with decay An ill-fitting existing crown A decayed tooth that has lost…

A Facial Or Filling In Sandy?

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Dental Sedation Available Near Sandy Utah

At Salt Lake Dental Care, we know that we can’t completely fool you. When you receive treatment at our comfortable cosmetic dental practice, you won’t actually believe you are at a plush Salt Lake City spa relaxing with cucumbers over your eyes. Just because we can’t recreate an identical Sandy spa experience, that doesn’t stop…

Smile Perfection In Salt Lake City

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Cosmetic Dentistry Offers Smile Perfection For Salt Lake City

The most difficult part of attaining perfection is finding something to do for an encore. -Author Unknown We are perfectionists at Salt Lake Dental Care where we create perfect smiles for our cosmetic dental and smile makeover patients. Here are some of the cosmetic dental procedures we use in smile makeovers at Salt lake Dental…