Tooth Replacement For The 21st Century

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Sandy tooth implant supported dentures

Not everything was better back in the “good old days.” Take dentures, for instance. Dentures have been around for generations and have certainly improved the lives of thousands of Murray people who have lost many or all of their teeth. However, Grandpa’s conventional false teeth are not the ideal tooth replacement. Traditional dentures can impede…

A Fresh Start After Losing A Tooth In Murray

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A Fresh Start After Losing A Tooth In Murray UT With Dental Implants

Are you one of the many Murray men and women who has had a tooth extracted? If the tooth had been bothering you, it may have been a relief. Unless, of course, the tooth was in the front of your mouth and now the gaping hole shows every time you smile. Ignoring it is impossible…

Developing Good Dental Habits In Murray UT

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Good Dental Habit Tips From Your Salt Lake City Cosmetic Dentist

Benjamin Franklin once said:   It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them. This holds true for almost everything in life, including cosmetic dental care. For parents in the Murray area, teaching your children good oral hygiene techniques early in life will help them avoid the lifelong consequences. If you wait too…

How Dental Implants are Changing Dentures in Murray

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How Dental Implants are Changing Dentures in Murray UT

If you are one of the many Murray UT denture wearers, you know that they are not the ideal solution for missing teeth. The problems with dentures include slipping, gum irritation, trouble eating and talking, bone loss, and inability to taste food due to a covered palate. Clearly, dentures do not feel and function like…

Sedation Dentistry At Salt Lake Dental Care

Sedation Dentistry In Sandy Utah

Dental visits can be extremely stressful and for some Sandy Utah residents, the fear and anxiety associated with a trip to the dentist prevents them from getting the care they need. At Salt Lake Dental Care, we provide the best oral sedation dentistry available. We will accommodate your needs with minimal, moderate, or deep sedation.…