Dead Or Just Sick?

do I need a root canal MurrayIt’s easy to forget that teeth are alive. After all, they don’t grow like hair or fingernails, and the enamel is not made of living cells. We are reminded that they are alive when we have an issue. In serious cases, it may take a root canal from Salt Lake Dental Care in Murray UT to save the tooth.

Like other organs, teeth need a blood supply to stay alive and healthy. Veins, arteries, lymph vessels and nerves live below the enamel and dentin in the pulp of the tooth. When the blood flow is cut off, the tooth eventually dies. What can cause blood flow troubles? Injury, trauma, infection, large fillings, and multiple restorations can impact a tooth’s blood supply.

At Salt Lake Dental Care, we can carry out root canal therapy to save a dead tooth if required. During a root canal procedure the soft tissue in the root of the tooth is removed. The resulting empty space is shaped, then filled with a special rubber material. What’s left is covered with a crown.

Root canals generally last many years, but not always. Inadequate oral hygiene, decay, periodontal disease, an undetected crack, abscess, or degradation of root canal sealing materials can all cause a root canal to fail.

How do you know if you have a dead or dying tooth? It is essential to call Salt Lake Dental Care if you experience tenderness or pain, hot or cold sensitivity, tooth discoloration, tooth injury, gum swelling, gum pain, or lymph node tenderness or drainage. Keep in mind, sometimes there are no noticeable symptoms. That is why it is so important to have regular checkups.

In addition to root canals, Salt Lake Dental Care in Murray UT offers clear braces, and a wide range of general and family dentistry services. Schedule an appointment today.

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