Orthodontia: Challenges Of Oral Hygiene in Salt Lake City

oral hygiene in salt lake city

It is harder to keep your teeth clean if you wear braces, there is no doubt about it. It’s always unfortunate when those with braces develop tooth decay which can weaken their teeth. This is why oral hygiene in Salt Lake City is so important, especially for our younger patients.

Why Oral Hygiene in Salt Lake City Is Important

The brackets and wires on traditional metal braces create hard to reach places where harmful bacteria can thrive. If patients don’t pay careful attention to oral hygiene, their teeth can be permanently damaged. The cycle of decay goes like this:

  1. Food particles are trapped in the tiny spaces in and around the wires
  2. The bacteria in the food particles multiply
  3. The bacteria creates plaque
  4. The plaque erodes the enamel
  5. Cavities form

Teeth are not the only thing at risk here, orthodontic patients can also develop gum disease which can progress quickly into periodontitis and eventual tooth loss.

What To Watch Out For

Bottom line, orthodontic patients need to be vigilant about a healthy diet and effective oral hygiene in Salt Lake City. Most of our patients with braces know that they should avoid sticky, sugary foods that stick to their braces, but some don’t realize that any carbohydrate-based food turns into sugar. Thus, a cracker can be just as bad for your teeth as a Tootsie Roll, if the food particles are not removed.

Those with braces should also watch their intake of highly-acidic foods and beverages. Though some acidic foods are very healthy – think tomatoes, oranges, raspberries – it is wise to substitute less acidic foods that contain similar nutrients. There are few beverages as harmful as soda and sports drinks, both of which have the detrimental duo of acid and sugar.

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