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Ouch! Are Your Teeth Sensitive In Murray?

Are Your Teeth Sensitive In Murray?

For those of you in the Salt Lake City area who feel pain when you sip your morning coffee or who cringe each time you brush or floss, Salt Lake Dental Care is here for you.

Dr. Clint Blackwood has been treating this common trouble since 2005.

The first line of defense against tooth sensitivity is proper oral hygiene. Incorrect brushing and over-brushing can result in receding gums, which leads to the exposure of microscopic tubules in the dentin. When these tubules are exposed, acidic, hot, cold, and sticky foods can then reach the nerve cells in the teeth causing discomfort.

Here in our Murray dentistry practice, our high-quality staff can determine if your brushing style is contributing to your tooth sensitivity issues and get you on your way to proper oral care habits.

Clint Blackwood usually recommends an over-the-counter desensitizing toothpaste that lessens tooth pain after several applications. Most Salt Lake City area drugstores carry it. However, some Murray patients may need in-office procedures such as fluoride gel treatments available at Salt Lake Dental Care.

Don’t worry if you have sensitive teeth in Murray and want to have your teeth whitened. Here at Salt Lake Dental Care, Dr. Blackwood can determine which professional tooth whitening or at-home whitening procedures will work for you.

Call our Murray cosmetic dental office today for rapid relief for your sensitive teeth.

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What Does A Beautiful Smile Say About You?

What a Beautiful Utah Smile Says About You It’s not just about looks. According to a recent study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), a healthy and attractive smile makes you appear more intelligent, successful, friendly and interesting. (See for complete survey results.)

Our smile makeover patients who have undergone restorative and cosmetic dentistry at Salt Lake Dental Care in Murray have experienced this phenomenon firsthand. They have expressed that they not only feel great about their looks, they are more confident in professional and social situations. Another benefit: they also feel more appealing to the opposite gender.

I’m Clint Blackwood of Salt Lake Dental Care in Murray. I enjoy using my years of training and experience to provide premium cosmetic dentistry for my patients in the Sandy and Taylorsville area. I am passionate about developing a custom treatment plan for each Murray dental patient. Some of my Draper patients had lived with misaligned or crooked teeth for years. Others had been self-conscious about missing or stained teeth.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your smile. There are solutions for every kind of dental problem. If you are not familiar with the latest teeth whitening, crown restoration and tooth replacement procedures, it is time to find out. Call 801-938-8855 to schedule a consultation. Come in to our office on 279 E 5900 S Ste 202 in Murray and see photos of our happy Salt Lake City dental makeover patients who are enjoying their beautiful smiles every day!

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Murray Dental News: Regular Cleanings And Heart Health

Murray Dental News Regular Cleanings And Heart Health

Visiting Salt Lake Dental Care in Murray for regular dental check-ups and cleanings every six months can seem inconvenient and unnecessary at times, but you may benefit in ways you never imagined.

A recent study showed that people who had their teeth professionally cleaned at least once every two years were 24 percent less likely to have a heart attack, compared to those who skipped appointments.

While the study could simply confirm that those Salt Lake City people who dutifully schedule regular dental cleanings also practice healthy habits like exercising and eating right, there is additional evidence of a relationship between oral health and heart health.

Common problems like inflammation with gum disease are linked to hardening of the arteries and other tissue inflammations which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Former American Heart Association President Ralph Sacco, MD, (who did not participate in the study mentioned previously) said:

‘Something as simple as having good dental hygiene – brushing, flossing, and having regular cleanings – may be good for your heart and brain health.’1

While the study found that patients who schedule cleanings yearly reap the most health benefits, Clint Blackwood of Salt Lake Dental Care recommends coming in for check-ups and cleanings every six months to catch potential problems early, saving Murray patients time and money. Regular dental cleanings also brighten and whiten teeth, making your smile look its best.

To schedule a deep cleaning with our high-quality dental hygienist at Salt Lake Dental Care, call
801-938-8855 today!

Clint Blackwood
Salt Lake Dental Care
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Murray, Utah 84107

1 ‘Getting Your Teeth Cleaned May Help Your Heart,’ WebMD Health News, November 16, 2011,, accessed on November 29, 2011


The Tea And Teeth Question

Murray teeth bleaching best price

What do you call a dentist who doesn’t like tea?
Why, Denis, of course.

Joking aside, a common concern for Draper patients can be stained teeth. I’m Dr. Clint Blackwood of Salt Lake Dental Care. Today, let’s talk a little bit about a common cause of tooth staining: dark beverages, including tea.

Over time, tea can stain the plaque that may eventually turn into tartar. Plaque can be brushed and flossed away. Thorough daily rituals of oral cleaning are valuable for this. Tartar (which forms if the plaque remains on the teeth for over 24 hours), on the other hand, will need to be removed in-office during a teeth cleaning appointment. Either way, between cleanings a wise method for avoiding tea staining is to rinse with water after drinking tea or to eat something and then to be sure to brush and floss all surfaces of the teeth at the end of the day.

If the color of your teeth is still unsatisfactory after a professional cleaning, teeth whitening is a popular option. Our other services include:

Sedation dentistry
Teeth whitening
Wisdom teeth removal
Porcelain veneers

The cost of living is going up in Draper, Sandy, and Taylorsville. Come on in, Salt Lake City, and let us share our competitive pricing, financial options, and superb service with you. Cosmetic dentistry may be less pricey than you think.

Now you know that tea doesn’t have to stain teeth permanently. What’s your next question?

Clint Blackwood

Clint Blackwood
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